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5 Steps on Pinterest To Explode Your Site Traffic
Alaskan blogger Ana White gets more than 6,000 visits a day from Pinterest and receives over three million page views each month. She accomplished this by using just one of the five steps outlined in this article. Dive in and get more visitors to your site! read the full article

SEO Tips for E-commerce Sites
E-commerce sites have some unique SEO challenges to overcome. Read our 11 tips for improving your e-commerce site's SEO so you can rank higher in search results and get more customers for your online store. read the full article

Google's Freshness Update Helps Small Business SEO
Google's new Freshness update affects 35 percent of searches, nearly three times as many as affected by Panda. It also offers small websites the chance to outrank larger sites by favoring the freshest content on any topic. read the full article

SEO for Competitive Analysis
Keyword research and other SEO tactics can help you research - and beat - your competitors. read the full article

A Smooth Launch for Your Website
Don't frustrate your loyal website visitors when you redesign your site - follow these five tips to keep people informed and happy. read the full article

W3C Validation
You check all of your documents with a spell checker - why not check the code of your website too! read the full article

Reach Customers with SMS and Mobile Email Ads
Mobile advertising is moving from simple opt-in ads to highly targeted, location-based offers. This type of SMS text advertising, coupled with mobile email ads, can move you into people's attention at the moment when they're ready to buy. read the full article

Planning Your Small Business Video
Suddenly, every business must have videos to share on their own website and Does video make sense for your business? Here's how to decide, and how to plan your videos if you decide to move forward. read the full article

No Follow Links Don't Help PageRank or SEO
It used to be possible to send more "link juice" to one specific web page through selective use of the NoFollow attribute. That hasn't been true for several years - but the myth persists. Learn what NoFollow is really used for, and how it can benefit your website. read the full article

Why Outbound Links Matter
You probably know you need good inbound links to help your site rank better in search results. But you may not realize that outbound links can also help you build your Web presence, and get more people coming to your site. read the full article

Where's Your Traffic Coming From
Different traffic sources produce different kinds of website visitors, in differing volumes. Each will also deliver a different return on investment, whether that investment is your time, your money or both. Read more to help you decide which website traffic sources are best for your business. read the full article

Mobile Search: What Local Business Needs To Know
Searches done on mobile phones are quickly outpacing search on desktop computers. If you're a local business, you'll want to know what to consider when you create a mobile version of your website. We outline the high points here. read the full article

Local Advertising Is Simple with Google Boost
Today, 97 percent of people do Web research before they leave the house to make a purchase. If you're a local merchant, you'll want to show up when people start searching. Google Boost, a new program for local businesses, can help you stand out from the crowd and win new business. read the full article

10 Ways To Get Noticed in Your Industry
If you’re looking to stand out from the bland content so prevalent on other websites, you’ll need more than just writing talent. You’ll need to think outside the box – and you can start by trying these 10 innovative ways to get noticed in your industry. read the full article

WordPress: Built for SEO
WordPress is increasingly popular for creating websites - and deservedly so. WordPress can help you build a large website with little effort and no knowledge of code, and it naturally handles much of the nuts and bolts of search engine optimization (SEO). read the full article

Good Website Design Helps Small Business Stand Tall
A well-designed website is like an employee who’s responsible, professionally dressed and ready to greet and help every customer who walks through the door. Read our tips and advice for creating an online presence that wins customer confidence and new sales. read the full article

Good Meta Descriptions Bring More Site Traffic
Writing a compelling, accurate meta description for each important page on your website is an important part of making your business more visible on the Web. A good meta description can persuade more people to click on your site when it appears in search results. [VIDEO] read the full article

Improve Your URLs for Better SEO
Your URLs provide an opportunity to let search engines and people know what your page is about. Conversely, if you don't pay attention to your URLs, they may provide no value for your site's SEO or for your human visitors, either. Badly designed URLs may even trip up search engines or make them think you're spammy. read the full article

Pros and Cons of PPC
Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be a double-edged sword. Google AdWords and other PPC programs allow marketers to narrowly target their ads to specific groups of people, but PPC carries a few risks. Learn how to determine whether PPC is for you. read the full article

Get Your Blog Ranking Higher in Search Results
If you're going to all the trouble of creating and updating your business blog, you want your posts to rank well in search results. Learn to optimize your blog posts so they rank well for the keywords you care about. read the full article

Get Ready for Search Engines
Search engines need to see your site as ready for human visitors before they'll include it in their indexes and search results. It's easy to make mistakes that tell search engines your site isn't finished. We'll show you how to avoid or fix these problems so your search rankings don't suffer. read the full article

A Facebook Landing Page Without HTML
You'd like to create a landing page for your new Facebook visitors, but you don't know HTML. Don't despair! Here's our step-by-step guide to creating a non-HTML Facebook landing page. read the full article

Increase Site Traffic with Title Tags
Major search engines use the title tag of a web page as a link to that page in search results. It's the first thing people see and choose to click on - or not. [VIDEO] read the full article

5 Social Media Fails
You've set up some social media profiles, sent out a few updates, followed a handful of people...and you don't understand why there's no extra traffic to your site. Learn how to fix your fails, and enjoy social media marketing success. read the full article

Rock Your Blog in 300 Words - or Less
If you write regularly, you probably have abundant ideas, but limited time to express them. Guess what? Your readers are probably short on time, too. Engage your audience by making your point in 300 words. Learn how to rock your blog in 300 words in this article. read the full article

How H1 and Other Headings Help SEO
The H1 and other headings on a web page help people and search engines quickly understand what the page is about. Write them well to get more site visitors. [VIDEO] read the full article

SEO Benefits of Blogging
A regularly updated blog gives people a reason to visit your website more often. It also gives you the chance to improve your site's search engine optimization (SEO). Not sure it's worth the extra work? Here’s a rundown of the SEO benefits to help you decide. read the full article

Anchor Text Can Improve Your SEO
Anchor text tells people and search engines what a linked page is about. Thoughtfully chosen anchor text can tell search engines what keywords to rank your pages for...something that "click here" can't do for you. read the full article

How To Write for Internet Marketing Success
Search engine optimization (SEO) can get people to your site, but only riveting content will make them stay there. Learn to write in your own unique voice to grab the interest of visitors, and keep them on your site. read the full article

Choose the Right Web Designer
There are thousands of web designers and web design companies out there ready to design your website. How can you choose one who will understand your business and make sure your site is visible to search engines and potential customers? Here’s a quick guide to help with the process. read the full article

6 Quick SEO Wins
You check Google every day to see where you rank. If you're still on page 4 or 5, you need a little search engine optimization, or SEO. Just a few simple steps can help your site rank better in search engine results, and attract more visitors. read the full article

Google's Farmer Update: What You Need To Know
The Farmer Update was a substantial change to Google's search engine algorithm that sent some websites' pages plummeting in search results, while others came out ahead. Learn how to check whether your site was affected by the Farmer Update, and what you can do to show Google your content is worthwhile. [VIDEO] read the full article

Record Video Interviews with Skype
Creating video interviews with people who are interesting to your customers - and prospective customers - can bring more traffic to your website and even go viral. Skype and other tools make it easy to interview someone, no matter where they are. read the full article

Quick SEO Fixes for Internal Links
Watch out - your link juice could be leaking. Inbound links to pages with discontinued products, expired promotions or years-old press releases probably aren't helping your site rank well in search results. But you can build internal links to juice your most important pages, and boost them in search results. read the full article

Email Marketing, Meet Social Media
Email marketers have been scrambling to cope with the social Web - also called Web 2.0. So how should you adjust your email marketing? read the full article

Reviews Can Help You Rank
If you're running a business that depends on local traffic, you probably know that good reviews can bring more customers through the door. But did you know that getting reviews - and not necessarily just good ones - can help your business rank better in search results? read the full article

Find the Best Email Marketing Service
A good email marketing platform can make your email marketing efforts simpler and more effective. We've built a list of the best services so you can choose the one that's right for your business. read the full article

How To Add Your Logo to Your Video
If you're using video to bring more people to your website, you certainly will want your logo to be visible in the video clip itself. Learn how to embed your company's logo as you edit your video clips. read the full article

How To Use Twitter for SEO
It's official. Google and Bing now include social signals - namely, links that get tweeted on Twitter - when determining how web pages should rank in search results. Learn how to get the best SEO value from tweeted links to your site. read the full article

How To Create a Facebook Landing Page
These step-by-step instructions will help you create a customized Facebook landing page for your company. Introduce first-time visitors to your business and your brand. read the full article

How To Get Email Addresses
It can be tempting to turn to shady ways of acquiring email addresses when you're looking to market your business. Learn easy, legitimate ways to collect the email addresses that will be most effective for you. read the full article

PR Strategy for Small Business
Public relations can be an effective – and inexpensive – way to market your products and services to customers, other businesses and investors. It’s also a great way to create more links to your website and boost your company’s Web presence. read the full article

Keep Track of Inbound Links
Inbound links to your website from good, reputable sites can help your site appear higher in search results. read the full article

6 Easy Ways To Improve Your Site Speed for SEO
Making sure your website is fast - or at least, not slower than the average site - can help you gain or maintain good search engine rankings and traffic to your website. read the full article

White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO
If you've been reading about search engine optimization (SEO) and trying to apply it to your website, you've probably wondered what "white hat SEO" and "black hat SEO" really mean. Use this guide to do the right thing, and avoid getting your site penalized. read the full article

Good Content Vs. Spam
Search engines like Google are changing their methods to make sure only web pages with good content show up in search results. If you're a website owner using content to help you make money, this article will help you create good content that gets links, and avoid being labeled as spam. read the full article

Flashy Websites Can Be Too Hot for Bots
Web page content that’s wrapped in a fancy package can be difficult – or impossible – for a search engine to “see.” Making your page attractive and easy to search is the goal. read the full article

SEO Stumbles To Avoid
Paying attention to your site’s search engine optimization (SEO) and doing everything in your power to increase your Web presence makes you look like a pro. read the full article

The Importance of a Landing Page
When you're about to launch a new marketing campaign, creating a special landing page on your site should be at the top of your list. read the full article

Alt Text Helps People and Search Engines
Search engines are blind when it comes to images, and so are some people. At least 10 percent of Web surfers use assistive technology to help them browse websites. Make sure your images can be seen by everyone. read the full article

Don't Block Search Engine Crawlers
A great page on your website will never rank well in search results - and be discovered by more people - if the search engines don't know it's there in the first place. read the full article

6 Simple Facebook Page Tricks
Tackling your business’s Facebook page can be overwhelming. Here are six easy and quick things you can do to make your brand’s presence on Facebook more effective. read the full article

What PageRank Means for Your Website
PageRank is at the heart of Google's ranking algorithm, and everyone wants to know what to do about it. Discover the changes you can make to your site to help its PageRank and get it showing up better in search results. read the full article

Choose the Right Domain Name
Your site's domain name is both your company’s location on the web and its online brand. Following a few simple steps can help you choose a domain name that will help you build a strong Web presence for your business. read the full article

How To Use Robots.txt
People usually use robots.txt to prevent search engines from indexing web pages whose content really shouldn't be indexed. Robots.txt can also be used to request that specific robots not index a site. read the full article

Video Marketing 101
Countless marketers post video clips on YouTube in the hope of winning more website traffic and new business. Most are boring. You can make engaging and effective videos by following our tips. [VIDEO] read the full article

SEO Mistakes Even Experienced Web Designers Make
There's a lot of detail involved in website creation. Sometimes a design decision that's great for users can have a big, unintended negative effect on your site's search rankings. It's a real loss to your business if your beautiful, very usable website doesn't get customers coming to it from search engines. Your site could have one of these common SEO problems. read the full article

Keyword Research Is Key to Online Success
Good keyword research is the cornerstone of any website’s success. It gives you powerful insight into the words people use to search for products, services or information. That insight can help you craft content for your website that will make it rank higher in searches for your important keywords. read the full article

Get Good Backlinks
Inbound links - also called backlinks - are important for driving more traffic to a website. Links from other websites provide a direct path to the site for anyone who clicks on them. Backlinks from reputable websites can improve a site's SEO and boost its ranking in search engine results. read the full article

Get Your Website Indexed
Before a website can be found in search engine results, the search engines must first discover and index that website. The sooner your website gets indexed, the sooner you can apply SEO strategies to boost the site higher in search engine results. read the full article

9 Common Title Tag Mistakes and How To Avoid Them
If you have the time to optimize one thing on your website, title tags are it. They're one of the most important SEO elements on your site for ranking well in search results, and they also entice people to click on your web pages. Learn how to avoid common title tag mistakes. read the full article

Create a Personality for Your Brand on Twitter
Most people would rather feel like they’re engaging with real people than with a faceless, nameless “brand.” That’s especially true in social media, where people readily express their opinions and personalities. So, how do you stay human on Twitter? read the full article

Cascade Content for SEO
When you write a blog post about something that matters to your customers and prospects, cascade it to the social networks to attract more visitors. You'll also be helping your website rank better in search results. read the full article

Boost SEO with Social Media
Getting mentions in social media really can boost your search engine rankings. Better yet, it's often easier for small businesses to get noticed in social than to get backlinks or overhaul their sites for SEO. read the full article

Use Local Listings to Rank Higher in Mobile Search
People like fast and easy information on something they're planning to buy, from snacks to snowboard boots. If you own a business dependent on local traffic, you’ll want to be right there on people’s phone screens when they’re searching for what you sell. Here's how to get there. read the full article