Your Domain Name Affects Your Business

Your domain name is your brand.
It's the first thing many potential customers will see, and it's how many will remember you. Choose the wrong one, and it will hinder your growth. Choose the right one, and it will make you money - perhaps even make you famous.

Redirect Alternative Domains for More Traffic
You can get more visitors to your website by acquiring domain names related to yours and redirecting them to your site. This can help you capture visitors who mistype or can't remember your domain name. read the full article

Choose the Right Domain Name
Your site's domain name is both your company’s location on the web and its online brand. Following a few simple steps can help you choose a domain name that will help you build a strong Web presence for your business. read the full article

Twin Home Pages: Classic SEO Mistake
Most websites have a home page with something like index.php or default.aspx at the end of its URL – for example, MyWebsite.com/index.php. Just like your underwear, you really shouldn’t be showing that level of detail to the public. Even worse than an unexpected glimpse of the skivvies, these extras at the end of a site’s URL could indicate that the webmaster has inadvertently crippled the site’s visibility to search engines. read the full article

Multiple Subdomains: Classic SEO Mistake
You might think – and many web designers do think – that subdomains are a nice way to organize your website. People often put the company blog on blog.mywebsite.com, the product catalog and shopping cart on store.mywebsite.com, and job listings on career.mywebsite.com. While this seems like a reasonable way to structure a website, it's a real problem for search engine optimization. read the full article

Getting a Website for the First Time
Often, people who don't have a website already (and even people who do!) confuse the two pieces of a website: its name and its location. You don't buy a website name - you lease it. Before you rush off to publish your award-winning website design, or start cashing in on your perfect business idea, you need to understand how the website name system actually works, so you don't lose your website name by accident. Once you've done that, you will need to find a website hosting company to provide the server space where your website will live. read the full article

Don't Lose People Who Don't Type WWW
Though websites often live at web addresses that start with www -- like -- it's increasingly common for people to type just Example.com into the navigation bar of a web browser. Most webmasters make sure that typing either "www.Example.com" and "Example.com" into the navigation bar will get someone to the right website. Too often, however, people don't think about this issue, and someone who types just "Example.com" won't get to the website at all. read the full article

Take Care When Choosing Your Domain Name
A business faces plenty of challenges when creating a new presence on the Web. Some are obvious: registering a domain name; selecting effective website technology; creating the website; getting found in Google searches; and adding great content that site visitors will find valuable. read the full article