Reach People Seeking What You Sell

People search the web before they buy.
Placing your ads next to relevant search engine results means you're reaching people at the moment when they're looking for what you sell. Learn to use paid search marketing effectively, and you'll be way out ahead of your competitors who haven't a clue.

Google AdWords for Mobile
More than 104 million people in the U.S. browse the web from a mobile phone, and searching on the mobile web grew more than 400 percent this year. Make sure people looking can find your search ads on their phones. read the full article

Pros and Cons of PPC
Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be a double-edged sword. Google AdWords and other PPC programs allow marketers to narrowly target their ads to specific groups of people, but PPC carries a few risks. Learn how to determine whether PPC is for you. read the full article

The Importance of a Landing Page
When you're about to launch a new marketing campaign, creating a special landing page on your site should be at the top of your list. read the full article

Google AdWords Guide for Beginners
The good thing about Google AdWords is that anyone can get an account up and running in 30 minutes. The bad thing about Google AdWords is that anyone can get an account up and running in 30 minutes. People who don’t know AdWords well can easily find themselves wasting money, and not getting the results they want. With just a few tips, however, you can create a Google AdWords campaign that’s both effective and cost-effective. read the full article

Writing Good PPC Ads
Learning to write good pay-per-click (PPC) ads is much like learning a foreign language. First you need to study the fundamental rules. Then you need to practice. And to get really fluent, you need to test your copy in the real world, to see how the people you want to communicate with respond. read the full article

Every website owner wants to rank high in search results for the site’s most important keywords. But getting into the first page of search results takes a lot of time and search engine optimization (SEO) work, especially if there’s hot competition for your most important keywords.

You can’t guarantee a website’s placement in natural search results. But you can guarantee that a PPC ad will appear next to search terms that are relevant to the products you offer. PPC can help a new site establish its brand quickly, and a PPC campaign can cost less than the initial stage of an SEO project. But site owners often get a better long-term return on investment from SEO. read the full article