Build Your Brand and Traffic With a Blog

Blogs are a powerful way to market your business or brand. Thankfully, creating and maintaining a blog is pretty simple with today's tools. But there's plenty of art - and artfulness - in creating a blog that's a truly effective part of your marketing strategy. AboutUs authors tell you how to do it right.

WordPress: Built for SEO
WordPress is increasingly popular for creating websites - and deservedly so. WordPress can help you build a large website with little effort and no knowledge of code, and it naturally handles much of the nuts and bolts of search engine optimization (SEO). read the full article

Rock Your Blog in 300 Words - or Less
If you write regularly, you probably have abundant ideas, but limited time to express them. Guess what? Your readers are probably short on time, too. Engage your audience by making your point in 300 words. Learn how to rock your blog in 300 words in this article. read the full article

What to Do If Your Content is Stolen
You've spent months or years building your website and its content, and you're proud of it. One day you find that some thrown-together website has copied your content and tried to pass it off as its own work. This is incredibly frustrating. Worse, your site can be punished if search engines decide that your site is the one hosting the duplicate content - not the other site. read the full article

SEO Benefits of Blogging
A regularly updated blog gives people a reason to visit your website more often. It also gives you the chance to improve your site's search engine optimization (SEO). Not sure it's worth the extra work? Here’s a rundown of the SEO benefits to help you decide. read the full article

Get Your Blog Ranking Higher in Search Results
If you're going to all the trouble of creating and updating your business blog, you want your posts to rank well in search results. Learn to optimize your blog posts so they rank well for the keywords you care about. read the full article

Guest Blogging for Online Visibility
The blog owner who hosts a guest blogger can take a break from creating content, while adding a fresh point of view for readers. The guest blogger gets the chance to reach a new audience, attracting new readers to his or her own blog or website. read the full article

How to Work with Bloggers
Bloggers are the new journalists when it comes to getting your online message delivered fast. read the full article

Name Your Blog
When you tell people about your blog, you'll tell them the domain name. That domain name is the summary -- and in some cases the whole story -- of your brand's identity on the web. What looks good in the address bar? What rolls easily off the tongue? What jives with your brand, and is memorable? read the full article

Business Blog 101
A blog can help you rev up your business. But it can also backfire, unless you use it in a way that makes sense for you and the folks who keep your wheels on the road. Think of a weblog as an alternative vehicle for conveying information, apart from your website. read the full article