Enhance and Protect Your Online Reputation

The Web is a 24/7 marketplace of ideas.
What people say about you there is as important - or more important - than what's said in the conventional press. Learn how to manage your company's online reputation, and how to respond to and work with bloggers and online editors.

Handle a Public Relations Error Like a Pro
Every business makes a mistake now and then. If you’re lucky, only you will notice. Some mistakes, however, affect other people, and you have to go public with the mistake – and the remedy. read the full article

Write Effective Press Releases
A well written press release that’s optimized for search engines can generate targeted traffic to your website, and help you acquire new customers. Learn to write compelling press releases that get the attention of journalists, and you'll be adding an important piece to your marketing and online visibility strategies. read the full article

How To Work with Bloggers
If you build relationships with the key bloggers in your industry, you can become part of the online conversations your potential customers are reading and participating in. And that's good for business. read the full article

Build Links and Visibility with Press Releases
Most businesses publish press releases to trumpet company news, while (hopefully!) persuading journalists to tell the company’s story. Your press releases can bring you much greater benefit if you learn to optimize them for search engines – benefits like more people coming to your website, and your site appearing higher in search engine results. read the full article

Why Outbound Links Matter
You probably know you need good inbound links to help your site rank better in search results. But you may not realize that outbound links can also help you build your Web presence, and get more people coming to your site. read the full article

10 Ways To Get Noticed in Your Industry
If you’re looking to stand out from the bland content so prevalent on other websites, you’ll need more than just writing talent. You’ll need to think outside the box – and you can start by trying these 10 innovative ways to get noticed in your industry. read the full article

Good Website Design Helps Small Business Stand Tall
A well-designed website is like an employee who’s responsible, professionally dressed and ready to greet and help every customer who walks through the door. Read our tips and advice for creating an online presence that wins customer confidence and new sales. read the full article

Boost Conversions and SEO with Contact Info
Putting your contact information out there and freely offering customer service can feel unimportant -- or downright scary. But I'm here to suggest that making contact information available can improve your sales, conversions and search engine rankings. read the full article

Keep Track of Inbound Links
Getting inbound links to your website from good, reputable sites can help your site appear higher in search results, and get you more visitors. Make sure you monitor links to your site so you can make sure they're increasing, and coming from the right places. read the full article

PR Strategy for Small Business
Public relations can be an effective – and inexpensive – way to market your products and services to customers, other businesses and investors. It’s also a great way to create more links to your website and boost your company’s Web presence. read the full article

Good Search Rankings for Your Brand
Here’s the ultimate frustration for a business owner: Typing your own name into Google’s search bar, and finding yourself outranked by other professionals who have the same name. Learn three free, easy steps to push your own brand higher in search results. read the full article

What to Do If Your Content is Stolen
You've spent months or years building your website and its content, and you're proud of it. One day you find that some thrown-together website has copied your content and tried to pass it off as its own work. This is incredibly frustrating. Worse, your site can be punished if search engines decide that your site is the one hosting the duplicate content - not the other site. read the full article

Track Your Social Presence
Every online marketing advice site is telling you to get active on Twitter, Facebook and other social sites. It's great advice, but there's one big problem: How do you track all this activity? Fortunately, people with deep experience in social media marketing have picked through the myriad tools available for tracking your social reach. We offer a list of recommended tools to help you get started - many of them free. read the full article

Reputation Management: Neutralize the Bad with the Good
The social web is increasingly a place where consumers have the power -- and the platforms -- to proclaim their displeasure with companies' bad customer service. While that's not a bad thing, negative comments about your business can be a reputation nightmare and show up for searches about you. read the full article