Bring Your Customers Back

Email is an effective way to touch your customers. It's hard to forget a company or product that's in your inbox every once in a while. And if a customer had been meaning to come back, an email provides a good reminder and path back to your site.

Tips for Sending Email Newsletters
Using email to send out marketing pieces and newsletters can be a powerful way to touch your customers on a regular basis, prompting them to come back to your website or tell a friend about you. read the full article

Email Marketing, Meet Social Media
Email marketers have been scrambling to cope with the social Web - also called Web 2.0. So how should you adjust your email marketing? read the full article

Don't Buy Email Lists
If you’re new to email marketing, you might think buying email lists is a a sure way to get more visitors to your website. Learn why email lists are a bad bet for building business, and what your alternatives are. read the full article

Staying Out Of Spam Folders
No matter how beautiful or well written your email newsletter is, it can only be effective if people see it in their inbox and open it. Making sure your emails aren't interpreted as spam by the reader or email client is vital to the health of your email marketing efforts. read the full article

Find the Best Email Marketing Service
A good email marketing platform can make your email marketing efforts simpler and more effective. We've built a list of the best services so you can choose the one that's right for your business. read the full article

How To Get Email Addresses
It can be tempting to turn to shady ways of acquiring email addresses when you're looking to market your business. Learn easy, legitimate ways to collect the email addresses that will be most effective for you. read the full article