Reach More Customers on Mobile

People are impatient - they want whatever they're looking for right now, wherever they happen to be. Making sure your website shows up when people search the Web from their mobile phone, and reaching them with mobile ads, will get you more business.

Google AdWords for Mobile
More than 104 million people in the U.S. browse the web from a mobile phone, and searching on the mobile web grew more than 400 percent this year. Make sure people looking can find your search ads on their phones. read the full article

Reach Customers with SMS and Mobile Email Ads
Mobile advertising is moving from simple opt-in ads to highly targeted, location-based offers. This type of SMS text advertising, coupled with mobile email ads, can move you into people's attention at the moment when they're ready to buy. read the full article

Boost Your Business on Foursquare and the Rest
People who use location-based networks like Brightkite, Foursquare, Gowalla, Loopt and MyTown are telling their friends not only what they’re doing right now, but where they’re doing it: at the local sandwich shop, car wash or rock-climbing gym. read the full article

Use Local Listings to Rank Higher in Mobile Search
People like fast and easy information on something they're planning to buy, from snacks to snowboard boots. If you own a business dependent on local traffic, you’ll want to be right there on people’s phone screens when they’re searching for what you sell. Here's how to get there. read the full article

Mobile Search: What Local Business Needs To Know
Searches done on mobile phones are quickly outpacing search on desktop computers. If you're a local business, you'll want to know what to consider when you create a mobile version of your website. We outline the high points here. read the full article