Help Your Visitors Do More On Your Site

A well-designed website makes your business more successful. If a site is hard to use or navigate, people will be less likely to complete the goals you have in mind for them. Start using a good analytics program, and you'll soon discover what works on your site - and what doesn't - so you can improve your site for your prospective customers.

A Smooth Launch for Your Website
Don't frustrate your loyal website visitors when you redesign your site - follow these five tips to keep people informed and happy. read the full article

Why Outbound Links Matter
You probably know you need good inbound links to help your site rank better in search results. But you may not realize that outbound links can also help you build your Web presence, and get more people coming to your site. read the full article

Good Website Design Helps Small Business Stand Tall
A well-designed website is like an employee who’s responsible, professionally dressed and ready to greet and help every customer who walks through the door. Read our tips and advice for creating an online presence that wins customer confidence and new sales. read the full article

7 Easy Ways To Improve Your Site Speed for SEO
Making sure your website is fast - or at least, not slower than the average site - can help you gain or maintain good search engine rankings and traffic to your website. read the full article

Compression Can Speed Up Your Site
A web page that's chock full of different files and data can take a long time to load into a web browser, making people impatient and causing search engines to rank the page lower. Use compression to make rich, complex pages load faster. read the full article

Redirect Alternative Domains for More Traffic
You can get more visitors to your website by acquiring domain names related to yours, and then redirecting them to your website. This can help you capture visitors who mistype your domain, type domains directly into the browser navigation, or who can't remember the exact name of your site. read the full article

Alt Text Helps People and Search Engines
A picture may be worth a thousand words, but an image on your website won't be worth anything to search engines or a visually disabled person if it doesn't have alt text. read the full article

Design Your Website for Conversion
Your website is like a virtual employee, your ever-present point of contact with potential customers. If you consciously design your site to turn visitors into customers, you can dramatically increase the number of visitors who 'convert' – that is, make a purchase or perform some other action you desire. That will contribute directly to your bottom line. read the full article

The Importance of a Landing Page
When you're about to launch a new marketing campaign, creating a special landing page on your site should be at the top of your list. read the full article

404 Errors Drive Visitors Away
When someone clicks a link to your site and gets a "Page not found" error, they'll likely regard your site as broken, or nonexistent. If you're trying to do business on the web, you want to make sure your site can be easily found, 24/7. read the full article

Video Marketing 101
Countless marketers post video clips on YouTube in the hope of winning more website traffic and new business. Most are boring. You can make engaging and effective videos by following our tips. read the full article

Web Browser Testing Makes Your Site Look Right
There’s nothing worse than spending time and money on designing a website, only to discover that what looks great in the Firefox web browser doesn’t look right at all in Safari or – gasp – market-leading Internet Explorer. read the full article