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GoogeEarth2.jpg is the home of Google's specialized application for viewing anywhere on the Earth in 3D, using satellite images and advanced technology.

With, you find a location on the globe directly from your computer. The service can provide you with the exact locations of the parks, museums, hotels from a town/city and can also give you driving directions. You will be able to visualize the neighborhood of the places you are interested and can see a 3D image of the buildings and places you are virtually visiting quickly at Plus offers a Google Earth Plus package for a yearly $20 subscription. This upgrade adds the ability to import information into from GPS data as well as spreadsheets; drawing tools to add sketches for better annotation; faster network access; and a higher quality printing support. Users of Plus can also get customer support through email as opposed to just web-based support. Purchasing Plus is done by selecting "upgrade" from the "help" menu in Pro

This is a robust version of, designed for professional use and is the fastest edition of the service. In addition to the features of the other versions, Pro can measure area, and it has also a movie making module, a premium printing module as well as a GIS data-importing module. You can get the Pro version for a 7-days free trial. - Support

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Google has developed -- and acquired -- a wide range of fun and useful things for people to use on the Internet, including:

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  • Google Search -- Use keywords to search for web pages, web sites and documents
  • Image Search -- Use keywords to search for images
  • Video Search -- Use keywords to search for videos on the web
  • YouTube -- A site for watching and sharing video clips, for free; acquired by Google in 2006
  • Google Maps -- If it has an address, you can locate it on Google Maps, zoom in closer, find directions to and from, and see street photos of your searched location.
  • -- A portal to news, weather, a calendar and more, can be personalized to anyone's taste
  • Google Translate -- Translate text, web pages and documents between more than 40 languages
  • Picasa -- Upload photos to web albums, editthem, share them.
  • Blogger -- Create a blog with easy-to-use software.
  • Google Chrome -- A web browser developed by Google.
  • -- Allows people to view any place on earth in three dimensions, using satellite images and modeling technology.
  • Nexus One -- A smart phone released in January 2010 that competes with Apple's iPhone.
  • SketchUp -- Software for creating 3D sketches on your computer.
  • AdSense -- Google's advertising platform. AdSense places ads alongside search results and beside Gmail. The ads match what people are searching for in Google's search engine or what they're writing about or viewing in Gmail.

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