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About Dir.Yahoo.com

Yahoo's directory is one of the oldest directories on the Internet. Started in 1994, it was Yahoo's first product offering. It still remains one of the most important human powered directories in on the Internet. Yahoo! allows its visitors to browse as well as search through the directory listings. Categories on Yahoo! Directory cover almost any topic under the sun.

Submitting your website to Yahoo! Directory

Yahoo! Directory is still one of the most important directories in the world and, therefore, it is worth the effort for organizations and businesses to get themselves listed. Besides the fact that the directory is used by a vast number of people to find out what they're looking for, a directory listing can also be helpful in getting your website indexed by the web-crawlers.

Yahoo! offers two options for websites to get listed: a free submission or "Standard" option and a paid submission option. Free submission is offered only for non-commercial categories. Even a paid submission does not guarantee a listing even though a vast majority of submissions are accepted into the directory.

While submitting your website to Yahoo! Directory, it is advisable to first write a 25 word or less description of your website focusing one or two of your most important keywords.