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39NewAmerica.com redirects to a page on StansberryResearch.com that contains a video presentation about what it claims will be a catastrophic event in American history and will change the American way of life forever.

Claiming to have made the predictions of the downfall of Wall Street giants, Fannie and Freddie, Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers and General Motors, the website claims that another event in 2011 is likely to shake the very foundations of American economy.


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The reason for the imminent crisis, the website claims is that the US government has the ability to simply print as many dollars as it needs in the short run to overcome its balance of payments deficit - because most of the world uses dollar as their currency of reserve. However, as the world realizes that the value of the US currency does not stem from the strength of its economy as is the case with other currencies, they are either going to stop accepting dollar as a currency for international trade or drastically reduce its value. This, according to the website, will result in a crisis of extraordinary proportions. The website also offers advice on the steps that it claims can help people minimize the effect of this crisis on their personal finances.

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