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LissaCoffey is a [Senior Health care consultant] alongwith professional fitness coach who specializes in high-performance mass development. dedicated to providing the cutting edge information and instruments necessary to ultimately achieve extraordinary health and fitness.She has given strength training workshops and lectures around the country and his innovative methods have been featured in numerous magazines radio stations & sites such as ESPN, CBS, DietKart. has authored numerous articles regarding body transformation, sports nutrition, workouts and exercises, as well as the wildly popular book "54 Hours to A Hard Body."

Writing has always been an obsession with me but being not an internet savvy I never knew until a few days ago that an exciting platform actually existed--that has the potential to "imperceptibly" revolutionize the world we live in--where I could contribute, however insignificantly, towards making it a better place by writing for it.


My published works and profiles can be cited at following places over web.


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