I'm one of the members of the AboutUs administrative team. I graduated Stanford University in 2005 (BA in Philosophy), and since then have divided my time between the start-up world (first, now AboutUs) and life as a professional musician. Above all, I spend my time on projects I believe address and enhance the world around me. This is my current prerogative at AboutUs and in my music.


AboutMe at AboutUs

Aside from my duties WelcomingPeople and patrolling RecentChanges, my main projects of late have been the LASIK portal and Common Answers.


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Listen to music at my MySpace page.

Community Review


BEWARE OF DEALING WITH PERVERTS! This guy is a child molester? It doesnt matter, if he is they will just violate their own rules and edit this out. Someone should really look into this guy no matter what they have been conned into thinking. He looks the type anyway. - Submited by on 9/23/07

    • Response: Please feel free to investigate me all that you want! My only interaction with pedophelia sites has been finding them through AboutUs and tagging them as a means of helping the community identify offenders. If you still feel your allegation is justified please take the time to supply some evidence. Otherwise, it is only appropriate to remove these false accusations. Thanks and have a great day! ChrisBabson 11:58, 26 September 2007 (PDT)
      • Response back (moved here): Wow!

As a website that traffics in the lives of others it amazes me that you would profess that such a double standard would apply to you Mr. Babson? This site is littered with accusations that are both opinion and simply unfounded. Still, instead of removal these statements are supposed to be discussed not removed. I have seen many statements from people wanting entries removed and they have been denied. Why should you be any different? The answer... you should not! Being neither law enforcement or having your activities sanctioned by law enforcement you look at sites with an expectation that there may be unlawful materials published on them. The veiwing of which is illegal! By your own admission you have broken the law and I am sure that since you have been aware of the law already, the initial posting was correct. To call you Chris Babson "pedophile" is probably not far from the mark. Until your site decides to remove all information in the same way that you think yours should be then, well, you are kinda violating your own practices. The information posted should stay and you should be more than welcome to comment on it and that is all... Just like the rest of us. A predator exposed! Good call on this guy! If he is looking at sites that he thinks may contain child pornography and actually sees any, he has committed a crime. He knows this and does it anyway. Kinda sounds like he has an obsession. Yes that is in fact called a pedophile. He is not acting with law enforcement, he is doing it because he cant help himself and he has admitted that he is knowingly committing a crime. A predator exposed!

Playing the SF Streets

There's nothing like busking on your days off from AboutUs!

Play your guitar with all your love, so that the philosophy will grow up much more in the mind of all people. Love makes things better. See you. Warning: Default sort key "ChristopherBabson" overrides earlier default sort key "ChristopherBabson/My Work".