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Writer, editor, and social media manager at Merchant Resources International (visit), a small financial company in Los Angeles, CA. I have been writing and working in online marketing since I graduated from college, in 2005. I went to Boston University, where I got a degree in Journalism. Although I now live in Southern California (and love it), Boston has instilled in me a love for the Celtics and the Red Sox (I lived 2 blocks away from Fenway when they won the World Series!)

It is always useful to keep up with the latest developments in social media, SEO practices, and online marketing, as these topics are ever-changing and vital for businesses of all kinds. I personally love StumbleUpon to land on random but awesome websites. Check out our blog for news and useful tips on small business, entrepreneurship, technology for small businesses, and more.

Cecilia Camps
Editor & Social Media Manager
Merchant Resources International
Twitter: @merchantloans
Feel free to join my facebook group "I am a business owner."

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