is a performer in Melbourne, Australia.

Nin Winter, Known to many as, Nina. Melbourne Singer Song Writer Host at several venues supporting Musicians , Poets and Performance Art. Inner City Melbourne.1991 - 1997

Special guest nights Co Hosted by and with, Thom the World Poet & Jack DeJong. Included : The Word Warrior, Tiddas, Ian Willie Winter' "The Torque", Robert Calvert, Winter Cycle band, Rob Cole, Kings Ransom, Max Sharam, and Many more. is presently not available. New and updated information coming soon! All contact can be made via Australian Performing Rights Associaion/ Melb or Sydney (APRA)

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Albums: Ninian 2006 Sounds Of Sunday compilation disc/ 2006 Featuring 'I remember You' Winter Travel/ Live Collaboation Recordings 91- 1997

Ninian (Nin & Ian) was funded by Entrepeneur and Muisc Lover. Nazar Karabidian Its with Special thanks, to Nazar (director, R finance)

Tracks on Ninian were written between 1991 - 2002 All lyrics by Nin Winter. Music by Ian'Wille' Winter and Chris Hannan.

NinIan was recorded at Spring Studio between 2000 - 2004 - Engineer Harry Williamson. All Photography by Alexa Star.

Ninian was released as a Tribute to the late Ian 'Willie'Winter. Released and distributed by SoundVault Records.

'I Remember You' will always be a special song. It was NinIan's first collaboration 1991

I Remember You which features Jazz Drummer, Robert George was Recorded, Produced and Directed by Ian Willie Winter. June 2004

I Remember You will be forever dedicated to his Memory!

Percussion on NinIan was completed by freinds and Musicians, known to the pair. Thank You to Winston Galea, Harry Williamson and Lazer.[[Category:eclectic music styles Songs: 'I Remember You' ' Aint No Lie' 'Aurora' Don't let'em

    'Shush child' 'Letter' 'Running' 'Ocean' 'Lily BlueCan't have your way' nin winter @ninwinter]]