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Microscope.com offers a wide range of microscopes including popular brands such as Omano, Meiji Techno, Dino-Lite, Jenoptik Progres, OptixCam, Moticam and others.

Stereo Microscopes


Stereo microscopes are used for three dimensional viewing of macro samples such as rocks, crystals, insects, etc. Stereo microscopes are sometimes referred to as low power microscopes because the magnification required to view macro objects is less than other types of microscopes.

Stereo microscopes have at least two eyepieces (binocular) and are available in two different configurations: zoom or dual power. Dual power stereo microscopes have two magnification options (for example, 20x and 40x). In zoom stereo microscopes, there is a continuous range of magnification from the low to high power.

Stereo microscopes can also be used in hobbies such as coin or stamp collecting or professionally for industrial inspection, gem inspection or even in beekeeping.

Compound Microscopes


Compound microscopes are high power microscopes with multiple, variable magnification objective lenses used to view cellular structures not visible to the naked eye.

Viewing cellular and similar sized specimens requires a much higher power of magnification than stereo microscopes in order to see the detail. A compound microscope generally has three to five objective lenses ranging from 4x to 100x magnification. Combined with magnifying eye pieces, a typical compound microscope can magnify to many times the original size.

Compound microscopes come in several eye piece configurations including a monocular, binocular and trinocular format. Compound microscopes are typically used in biological research and learning, pathology and related sciences.

Microscope Accessories

Microscope.com offers many accessories to improve and simplify your microscopy tasks.

Microscope Cameras

With an optional microscope camera, you can quickly view, capture and share images of your specimen directly to your computer. Microscope cameras are easily mounted into a standard microscope eyepiece. Some microscopes even have a third eyepiece specifically for a camera!

Have your own digital SLR camera? Our universal microscope camera adapter kit allows you to use your own external camera to shoot and capture photos direct to your camera through your microscope.

Slides & Stains

Microscope.com offers a wide selection of prepared slides and blank slides for research, study and hobby use. You can use the below list to quickly jump to your destination:

Digital Microscopes


Digital microscopes have become extremely popular alternatives to traditional optical microscopes for certain applications. The primary feature of digital microscopes is an imaging component that typically outputs the microscope image directly to a computer, monitor or television.

The Dino-Lite brand (pictured) of portable, handheld microscopes is used in many industries to inspect PCB and computer cards, mechanical components and more.

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