Your Business on the Social Web

The Web is more than a collection of sites.
It's people talking to each other 24 hours a day,
seven days a week, in endless streams of digital chat. Choose the right platform for your business - Twitter, YouTube, a forum or a blog - and it's like finding your target customers' favorite neighborhood bar.

Get 4,000 Twitter Followers with Good Copy
A milestone like 4,000 followers is achievable, no matter how big or small your business. Good copy will get you there much quicker. read the full article

When To Ignore Your Social Media Consultant
Hiring a social media expert doesn’t mean you have to follow every bit of their advice. Some social media consultants rely on the fact that their clients are unfamiliar with social media, and prey on this lack of knowledge by making suggestions that sound good, but really aren’t great advice. read the full article

How To Get More Twitter Followers
Twitter is a powerful social network for business. And the more followers you have - meaningful ones - the more exposure you will gain from tweeting. Here are 10 tips for getting more people to click "Follow" on your Twitter account... read the full article

5 Steps on Pinterest To Explode Your Site Traffic
Alaskan blogger Ana White gets more than 6,000 visits a day from Pinterest and receives over three million page views each month. She accomplished this by using just one of the five steps outlined in this article. Dive in and get more visitors to your site! read the full article

Create a Personality for Your Brand on Twitter
Most people would rather feel like they’re engaging with real people than with a faceless, nameless “brand.” That’s especially true in social media, where people readily express their opinions and personalities. So, how do you stay human on Twitter? read the full article

Boost SEO with Social Media
Getting mentions in social media really can boost your search engine rankings. Better yet, it's often easier for small businesses to get noticed in social than to get backlinks or overhaul their sites for SEO. read the full article

A Facebook Landing Page Without HTML
You'd like to create a landing page for your new Facebook visitors, but you don't know HTML. Don't despair! Here's our step-by-step guide to creating a non-HTML Facebook landing page. read the full article

5 Social Media Fails
You've set up some social media profiles, sent out a few updates, followed a handful of people...and you don't understand why there's no extra traffic to your site. Learn how to fix your fails, and enjoy social media marketing success. read the full article

Email Marketing, Meet Social Media
Email marketers have been scrambling to cope with the social Web - also called Web 2.0. So how should you adjust your email marketing? read the full article

How To Use Twitter for SEO
It's official. Google and Bing now include social signals - namely, links that get tweeted on Twitter - when determining how web pages should rank in search results. Learn how to get the best SEO value from tweeted links to your site. read the full article

A Facebook Landing Page Engages New Visitors
You can – and should – create a customized landing page for first-time visitors to your Facebook page. See how different companies use landing pages to turn first-time visitors into loyal fans. read the full article

How To Create a Facebook Landing Page
These step-by-step instructions will help you create a customized Facebook landing page for your company. Introduce first-time visitors to your business and your brand. read the full article

6 Simple Facebook Page Tricks
Tackling your business’s Facebook page can be overwhelming. Here are six easy and quick things you can do to make your brand’s presence on Facebook more effective. read the full article

Find and Market Prospects on the Social Web
The new clients you’d most like to reach are inundated with ads and calls to action all day long. How are you going to break through and get their attention? If you can afford to outspend your competitors in search engine marketing, then happy hunting. But if every dollar needs to count, you need to get creative and be direct. read the full article

Find an Expert on the Social Web
It’s time already. You need to hire an outside expert - in fact, you needed one last week. Maybe it’s a web designer who really knows usability, or a human-resources development consultant, or perhaps a public relations and marketing firm. Most business people automatically turn to their business network to find the expert they need. But you may need expertise that no one else in your network has hired lately. read the full article

Track Your Social Presence
Every online marketing advice site is telling you to get active on Twitter, Facebook and other social sites. It's great advice, but there's one big problem: How do you track all this activity? Fortunately, people with deep experience in social media marketing have picked through the myriad tools available for tracking your social reach. We offer a list of recommended tools to help you get started - many of them free. read the full article

Online Marketing is the New Marketing
Traditional “push” marketing methods – television commercials, billboards, magazine ads and spam e-mails – try to divert our attention from things that interest us. This form of marketing has become a sophisticated science, with experts ready and able to tell us where and when to place our ads. read the full article

Boost Your Business on Foursquare and the Rest
People who use location-based networks like Brightkite, Foursquare, Gowalla, Loopt and MyTown are telling their friends not only what they’re doing right now, but where they’re doing it: at the local sandwich shop, car wash or rock-climbing gym. It’s a rich, real-time experience for the people who enjoy sharing on the fly, and for their friends. It’s also a rich, real-time opportunity for the enterprising business owner. read the full article

Getting Started With Facebook For Your Business
Adding Facebook and other social media to your business' marketing strategy is great because they're free, reasonably easy to use, and not too time consuming. They can be simple and effective ways to promote your business, engage your current customers and win new ones. read the full article

Use Twitter to Engage and Build Your Base
Many business owners are adding Twitter (and other social media sites like Facebook) to their marketing toolkits because they are free, reasonably easy to learn, and don't require much time. Twitter can be a simple and effective social outlet to get your message out, engage with your customers, and build your brand. read the full article