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GoArticles.com is suspected of possibly being a scam or site engaged in fraudulent activity. Although this has not been verified, below are some community projects watching fraud that may have further information about GoArticles.com.


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GoArticles.com is an article search engine and directory, updated daily. The staff at GoArticles are dedicated to meeting the needs of contributing Authors, newsletter Publishers and visitors by providing the best and largest article database on the Web. Our goal is to make great content available to you when you want it, not when someone decides to send it to you.

GoArticles.com is one of 15 web sites comprising the Jayde Online Network, most of which focus on niche areas of particular interest to webmasters, marketers, newsletter publishers, authors and entrepreneurs. Watch for the launch of other newsletter and resource sites in the coming months.

Jayde Online was founded in 1993 and incorporated in early 1998. The company has been internet-focused from its creation and primarily involved in the publication of email newsletters and the development of niche and general search engines. We are currently located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.


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